On this website you will find books – paperbacks and e-books – on issues affecting Mankind across the globe. The world today has become too fluid than modern man is built to withstand.

Unlike fiction writers, I write mostly of topics I have either lived through and experienced or have much insight of. Fiction writers do have the capability to create made-up characters and set them in motion – one leads to another and then another. I don’t; I’m a non-fiction writer, focusing more on real occurrences, not hear say.

I write about homelessness, domestic violence, politics, parenting, raising children, work, minimum wage, love, make money, responsibility, lose weight, learn to read, learn to write in English, corporate greed, unwanted wars, life in third world countries, life in civilized countries, a broken world system, among other things.

Although I try to keep my tone civil and conversational, I don’t keep away from controversy; it allows us to engage, learn, and grow…